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An opportunity to start your own business:
Hardly any startup project is devoid of a technical aspect these days. The whole world has been thinking about using technology more than ever. Therefore, your programming proficiency will make it easier for you to implement your project and give you several advantages, the most important of which is the ease of implementing what you want; Because you are responsible for working from the beginning until the project is finalized, even if you do not want to work in programming, your knowledge of its principles will facilitate your interaction with the programmer in the project, and then launch it successfully.

ماذا يعني الامن السيبراني

How do you start learning programming?
You may now ask how to start learning programming? Well, you can start with the Programming Learning Guide, which is the most important Arabic guiding resource for learning programming. It explains the importance of learning it, mentions the most important concepts and tools necessary to know to become a programmer, and answers common questions that revolve in the minds of many about the sources of learning programming, and its various fields, and the secret of the existence of many languages Programming, and concludes with a set of tips that you will need while learning.

Hassoub Academy also provides a distinguished set of high-quality programming courses, starting with you from scratch and helping you to master the programming language you want to learn, as it is provided by specialized trainers who guide you at every step, and answer all your questions until you reach the stage of mastery, and these courses are most suitable for you If you want to learn programming from scratch, these are:

Computer Science Course: This course consists of 5 educational tracks spread over 35 hours, during which you learn the main concepts in computer science and logical thinking, and learn the basics of programming in the JavaScript language to enjoy writing your own programs, with an opportunity for practical application through the interactive Scratch environment.
The course also focuses on getting acquainted with the different operating systems, how they work, and how they are used in programming, with an in-depth understanding of the Linux operating system, which is the most common and used operating system among programmers. In addition, you will learn about databases of all kinds, the world of the web, its basic concepts, and the principles of protection and security.

User Interface Development Course: This course consists of 6 educational tracks spread over 34 hours, in which you will learn everything related to user interface development step by step until the practical application stage, which helps you to work as a professional interface developer.
You will also learn everything related to the basics of web development and building e-store interfaces, which provides you with more job opportunities in the field of e-commerce, which is the future of the business world. You will also learn to develop a company website from scratch, how to build a professional control panel, and other interesting topics.

These courses will enable you to put your feet on the path of learning programming step by step from beginning to professionalism. Which helps you to acquire useful life skills that you will definitely need in the future, and gives you a chance to get a distinguished job in one of the highest-income career fields.
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Dołączył: 20 Wrz 2022
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The Metaverse is a virtual and augmented reality platform that allows users to create an interactive experience that merges the digital world with the physical world. Over the years, you may have heard from various sources that the Metaverse is the future of the Internet. However, many people don't even know what the metaverse is and how to access metaverse. In case you're wondering, let's look into it.
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