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When to utilize Power Shots due to the animation taking a significant amount of time to develop FUT 23 Coins, power shots should only be used when you have sufficient time, space and resources to execute the command. Usually, any power shot that you attempt to take within the 18-yard limit is blocked if the route isn't clearly defined as the trajectory typically is less flat compared to high-end shots.

Kudos To EA for introducing an entirely new shooting option particularly one that allows the ability to aim manually. It's also great that to turn off the snarky zoom-in effect that appears in the event that the powershot is triggered. Overall, it's an ideal option to shoot.

Set pieces have been dull in FIFA over time. While free kicks remain far too few for me to appreciate If you do manage to get one, they're more exciting. Furthermore, penalties have been simplified to improve. Furthermore, the corners haven't simply copied the same design as set pieces but are equipped with a great new camera view.

Be aware of the composure circle that surrounds the ball.

The circle should be shot when it is at its narrowest for the highest accuracy

Hold down R1/RB or L1/LB simultaneously while you shoot in order to create a finesse or chip shot.

Use using the stick on the left to steer the shot before the ball is hit.

Corner kicks are still governed by the same set plays tied to the D-pad . So you can select from a range in both defensive and offensive scenarios.

Set pieces have not only been improved from a mechanic perspective, they have also visually improved. When combined with strong players and players who are skilled at flying becoming relevant and gaining traction buy FIFA 23 Coins, it's nice to be able to see EA improve this area in the sport.
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