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If you're thinking about what the best dribble movements in NBA 2K23 are, you've been to the right spot. We are going to provide you with what we believe to be the top moves in each of the categories of dribbling. We'll do our best to make the order so that we can list strategies that most builders could utilize, as well as some that have more specific needs. There's lots to go through, it's time to dive into.

The best dribble moves to master in NBA 2K23 are going to vary from one player to the next. In the end, it all depends on the strength of your physique. Therefore, don't rely on all the tips we've given below as a rule of thumb; feel free to test and see what you like best. This being said, we'll try to keep it so that the dribbles we suggest are suitable for virtually any build. You are welcome to share your suggestions in the comments.

We'll begin in what we call the Dribble Style. In the end, it appears that the one to go with is Micheal Jordan. It should fit your player well , regardless of size It only requires 75 Speed with Ball to be used (and be under 6.10'0"). Damian Lillard is also apparently quite good, however it has stricter standards.

Moving Crossover. The Pro dribble is quite good and it only requires Ball Handle 75plus. Other notable ones include the LeBron and James Harden, if you are able to find the stats that allow you to use these moves. In fact,LeBron might be the way to go.Our next best NBA 2K23 Dribble Moves category is Moving Behind the Back. A Zach LaVine move reigns supreme for those who have Ball Handle 75or more and are less than 6'10". For those that have seriously high Ball Handle, consider Steph Curry instead.
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