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Special support for students with learning difficulties

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According to international assessments, one of the strengths of Finnish schools is the way the schools support students who have learning difficulties or who need special support. Moreover, you cannot enter any Finnish school without developing some basic skills in reading, mathematics and some other areas. Every child and young person has the right to a high-quality education, regardless of their personal circumstances or the limits of their abilities.

Pupils are also entitled to help when they need it. Common forms of support include remedial teaching in small groups, individual counseling, and teaching students according to their personal circumstances even if they are studying in the same class with other students. In addition, all schools have special education teachers, and almost all have visiting assistant teachers to help if there are pupils with special needs. If a student is found to have multiple and permanent learning difficulties, a personal learning plan is prepared for him. Pupils with moderate or slight learning difficulties study in the same schools, or even in the same classes, with other students, but in this case the schools receive additional resources.

Pupils with intellectual disabilities, severe physical and sensory disabilities, or health or mental health problems study in their own classes or schools, and for some of them, compulsory education lasts for 11 years.

The children of immigrants receive various types of support at school. For those who do not speak Finnish or Swedish enough, they receive preparatory education in small groups, during which they learn the Finnish language in specially designed curricula. In the larger cities, children of immigrants can also get language lessons taught in their native languages.[/img]
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